Last night I "opened" for Vickie Shaw, a comedian, at the Sunset Event Center. This was the 2nd of 4 "Out on the Town Colorado" events for lesbian women, their GLBT friends and straight allies. Awsome vibe. Great people. Vickie Shaw is hilarious (check out my "Links"). Made me think about how we *need* to laugh - need to find oppertunities to be in a moment of joy. Dance, music, humor ... the arts can take us away from thinking and into feeling and being. In the past several months, I've heard Zoe Lewis perform, seen Glover Savion dance, and listened to the songs of Ray Charles. What absolute joy! While I was performing, I wasn't sure if folks could hear me. I didn't have a monitor so *I* couldn't hear me very well. But then I decided not to worry about the volume - to just enjoy myself. And I did.

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