... the female John Denver”

— Rocky Mountain Bullhorn

Vicki Pompea entertains the crowd.”

— Windsor Beacon

Unique and interesting lyrics... truly a fresh and original lyric writer”

— Taxi: The Independent A&R Leader

Having Vicki Pompea as a featured monthly performer was a wonderful addition to my coffee and ice cream shop here in Fort Collins. With her warm and welcoming style, and variety of music, she attracted a wide range of customers to stay and listen - and of course come back the next time she was on the schedule. She made everyone who listened feel they that they are part of her family for that evening, and she would remember the next month if they had requested a song and play it for them again.”

— Jim Beikler, Owner - Mocha Bay Company, Fort Collins, CO

There is only one thing in this world that could make me wish my commute to work was longer than it already is, and that's Vicki Pompea's Real Woman. By the time I get into the office after listening to it almost all the way through, I love me more, I love my girlfriend more, I love women in general more. Lyrically and musically, it's a bowl of chicken soup, a kiss on the cheek, a discussion with a friend over coffee and your favorite pair of jeans, all rolled into one. I like the album. I really really like it...and I'm from New Jersey, we don't like anything.”

— Amanda R.

Vicki is a delightful crowd pleaser, constantly enticing audiences with stories and jokes that bring our attention to the joys of everyday life and drawing children and families into her playful world of simplicity and playful introspection. Her set always seem to end too soon, way before we're ready for the happy ride to end.”

— Larry Holgerson - Event Coordinator Summer Holistic Fair 2007