I Did A Thing! 

Well, this is it... So many years with such slow progress, but I hit a milestone (no, it didn’t hurt... much).  

The recording for my album is done. There’s a little bit editing to do.  Then the songs need to be mixes, mastered, and manufactured.  Packaging needs to be designed. And ... And ...

But hold up, I did a thing! I got coached/mentored, I set up a studio and learned how to use it.  I recorded and edited. Yah, I’m embarrassed for taking so long, it should be much better. I”ve got lots of “should”s and…

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My Studio Setup and Gear 

Folks have asked about my home studio setup. There's nothing very expensive –  here are the deets:

The room:  I got some moving blankets from Harbor Frieght (on sale, they are really inexpensive) and hung them to minimize sound reflections. I used grommets for holes in the edges and hung them from Command hooks. I've got a stand-alone wall divider and clamped another moving blanket over it. This gives me more flexibility with my space.

DAW: Reaper.  Only $60.  It's powerful, but not the most user-friendly…

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Raw Songwriting 

I sat down with David Coile for a short interview for his podcast "Raw Songwriting"  "Raw" meaning 1st draft, In progress,  not entirely cooked. It's looking at the process of songwriting, not just the song.

It dropped recently, but it took me a couple of days to get up the nerve to listen to it.  I know David, We get along well. I enjoy talking with him and yet ...  Raw.  "Raw" meaning tender, sensitive, vulnerable. Sometimes I have very little emotional bubble wrap.

But truly, all songwriting is raw…

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Do You Want Strings With That? 

There's an old joke about guitar players always wanting 1 more guitar. Well, it's true. Sort of. I don't need any more guitars. I own 7 and some have been unplayed for quite a while.But I love how every guitar has a different set of songs in it. Some guitars prefer finger-picking "Leader of the Band" while others are eager to strum "Brown Eyed Girl." Of course I want a new guitar, Think of the new songs it might hold. Think of the possibilities! That's why I want another guitar - to dream of possibilities…

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Healing Each Other 

"Creativity ...  It's vital. It's the way we heal each other." That caught my attention, I skipped back in the podcast to hear Ethan Hawke's TED talk Give Yourself Permission to be Creative (note: video link).

I listen to quite a few podcasts. Some for humor, some for news and some for inspiration. Sometimes I start on a channel and just let it flow from episode to episode, which is how I stumbled upon Ethan Hawke (not literally, of course. I promise no artists were harmed in the writing of this article). 

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A Little Song, a Little Dance, a Little Seltzer Down Your Pants 

Just a quick note to let you know I'm still here. I should have a really clever analogy related to "hibernation" "treading water" or "lurking." I'm writing songs, performing when asked, and (not so) secretly longing for another guitar (always). Yes, there's school and kids, house and laundry, and all too often, another fire (or three) to stomp on. You know how it goes.

But like an iceberg that only reveals 10% of itself, and hides the rest below the waterline, I'm still here (and resisting the urge to…

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A "luthi" what? 

My Facebook post about luthier Wayne Henderson started getting very long, so I cropped and posted there, and I kept on writing to post here...

A luthier (/ˈluːtiər/ LOO-ti-ər) is someone who builds or repairs string instruments generally consisting of a neck and a sound box.

I'm often asked how many guitars I have. On last count there were 8 (but don't hold me to it) which is not a lot for a musician. Really. Each has a different purpose and a different voice. My special, go-to instrument was made just…

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Right On Time 

I’m late. Isn’t it strange how hard it is to walk into a room after everyone is settled and the presentation has started. The longer it takes to walk through the door, the harder it gets.  If you can relate to this feeling, you understand why it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  

I fight the urge to wait until I write something awesome. It’s a tricky balance for words, and for songs. I have a majority of an album recorded, but the last 4 songs aren’t what I want them to be. Part of me wants to just “get…

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Song in My Heart 

Most days I wake up with a song in my head - but I prefer to think that it is in my heart.  Something like Livingston Taylor's "Never Lose Hopet" or Ingred Michaelson's "Be OK" propels me out of bed and into the shower. Sometimes it's from the Mama Mia sound track (which my kids *love*) or from "Phineas and Ferb" (kid's show). 

I heard that we have nerve cells that go both to and from our ears and brains so that we are truly "hearing" the songs that are playing in our heads.  I know sometime a song is not…

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Head Above Water 

Gulp. Can't believe how long it's been since I've said "Howdy."  I performed this summer at the farmer's market and got to see some of you.  But to tell the truth, I've been swamped - thigh deep in mud - slogging through the days.  You see, I've gone back to school.  I can't believe how much work it is to teach an old broad new tricks :-). 

My personal life hasn't been a walk in the park either - but I'll save the stories and put them in songs for y'all. Just know that I haven't disappeared. Remember that…

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