Right On Time

I’m late. Isn’t it strange how hard it is to walk into a room after everyone is settled and the presentation has started. The longer it takes to walk through the door, the harder it gets.  If you can relate to this feeling, you understand why it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  

I fight the urge to wait until I write something awesome. It’s a tricky balance for words, and for songs. I have a majority of an album recorded, but the last 4 songs aren’t what I want them to be. Part of me wants to just “get ‘er done.“ However when I share songs that don‘t feel complete, I’m a mess. Presenting a new song reveals so much. It’s like being naked in a crowd.  It’s scary.

I participate in “Fearless Songwriting” events. Each day for a week, we aspire to write a song a day - as quickly as possible, with as little editing as possible. It’s amazing what gets created when the inner critic gets ignored. This is the critic that that cautions “Not good enough” or orders “Don’t even bother.” Fearless songs are not intended to be performed or recorded for an album (although some do), but they clear the path for other songs. They boost creativity and productivity. They make me feel brave.

So I open the door…

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