Do You Want Strings With That?

There's an old joke about guitar players always wanting 1 more guitar. Well, it's true. Sort of. I don't need any more guitars. I own 7 and some have been unplayed for quite a while.But I love how every guitar has a different set of songs in it. Some guitars prefer finger-picking "Leader of the Band" while others are eager to strum "Brown Eyed Girl." Of course I want a new guitar, Think of the new songs it might hold. Think of the possibilities! That's why I want another guitar - to dream of possibilities. But it's about the wanting, not the having. 

I want another guitar because I want to write more songs and play more music. The idea of another guitar gives me a direction, a north star.  The idea of another guitar tells me where my excitement is. The wanting shows me what I value, who I am, and what I want to do.  Maybe you want a bigger house or a more colorful garden. Of course I hope you get it, but mostly I hope it helps you realize how important coming home is to you or how much joy you get surrounding yourself with color.  Whatever they are, I hope you enjoy your wantings.

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