I Did A Thing!

Well, this is it... So many years with such slow progress, but I hit a milestone (no, it didn’t hurt... much).  

The recording for my album is done. There’s a little bit editing to do.  Then the songs need to be mixes, mastered, and manufactured.  Packaging needs to be designed. And ... And ...

But hold up, I did a thing! I got coached/mentored, I set up a studio and learned how to use it.  I recorded and edited. Yah, I’m embarrassed for taking so long, it should be much better. I”ve got lots of “should”s and “shouldn’t”s in my brain,  including I shouldn’t over think and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

So hold up, I did a thing!  Many things. I wrote these songs, figured out arrangements, and sang harmonies. I pulled in talented folks for help.  I kept going even though progress felt glacial.

The album is called “The Moon is Racing Me Home” – I admit, I don’t think it’s the best title. It’s too long. But it’s a good song, “home” is central to the theme of this album, and I love the moon. So that’s the album title.

And I’m doing a thing!  I started a Kickstarter* campaign to fund the rest of this process of making an album - to get this album into people’s (aka your) hands. It’s going to run until July 16th.  [Required ask: would go check out the rewards and help out if you want? Kickstarter page

Right now I’m holding my breath, hoping all goes well: the Kickstarter succeeds, mixing goes smoothly, mastering is quick, I find someone to design CD artwork, and DiscMakers delivers a big box of CDs to my porch. Then I mail CD to fans like you, and plan a release party.  I know that whatever will happen, will happen, (Que Sera) and it will be just fine, no matter what.  But thinking about it is scary as all heck. Doing it is scary, 

But hold up, I did a thing!


*Kickstarter is the most widely used crowdfunding website.  People support a project in exchange for various rewards. if people pledge enough to meet the goal amount, the funding will used to finish (or create) the product.

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