1. Aloha

From the recording Real Woman

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Copyright © 2001 by Vicki Pompea

I wish I was on the island. I wish I was on the beach
Where salty water foams, and cools my tender feet
The surf and the trade winds sing my favorite melody
The mountains protect my heart and set my spirit free

With Aloha in my hands. Aloha in my feet.
Dancing in the things I touch and everyone I meet
Mahalo to the ancient ones. Mahalo to the breeze
Where warmly scented blossoms fill the moonlit sky with peace.

My heart is sad and lonely. I am so far away
But then I think about the time when I’ll be there to stay
And soon I feel the warmth of a sweet Hawaiian sun
I’ll carry it within me to make myself a home

When it’s time for me to pass into my death
I’ll say “Goodbye” and close my eyes and take my final breath
And then I’ll smell the ocean and I’ll hear the ocean birds
I’ll travel to my new home with my mortal spirit cured

Where warmly scented blossoms fill the moonlit sky, with peace