1. Moderation

From the recording Real Woman

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Moderation - Copyright © 2002 By Vicki Pompea

I climbed up a mountain just to see this guru guy
To find the secret of life before it passed me by
He whispered in my ear the clear and wondrous truth
The path to enlightenment, the fountain of youth. He said …

Moderation, Moderation in all things
The beauty of a balanced life, the pleasure that it brings
Just be careful and remember one thing.
You’ve got to moderate all your moderation-ing

Sometimes she has a glass of wine sometimes a glass of beer
Sometimes she just drinks coffee. She calls the waitresses ‘my dear”
But Tuesday is her birthday and she’ll drink up half the bar
It seems to work quite well for her; she’s 98 so far.
She says it’s …

After 30 years it looks like a gentle kind of love
With friendly hugs and kisses; they fit together hand in glove
But passion only waits until they burn the midnight oil
Just like a cozy tea pot, when it starts to boil.

Mod - er - a- tion- ing