From the recording Real Woman

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Looking Over the Tailgate
Copyright © 2001 By Vicki Pompea

Don’t want to drive. Don’t want to shift or steer
Just want to listen to this truck in gear
And enjoy the sights. Hey! Look at those lights.
Don’t want my view defined my windshield glass
Don’t want to worry if we’re low on gas
Just want to see folks smiling at me

My fur is blowing and the wind is cold
I’m so excited; I feel so bold.
‘Cause living isn’t living if you hibernate
I’m looking over the tailgate
I’m looking over the tailgate

Back here isn’t boring; it’s the open air.
The kiss of wind, the smells of earth are mine to share
So come with me; we’ll be happy and free.
It doesn’t matter how you go or where you are
Even on a bike or a C-A-R
Don’t play coy; just relax and enjoy

I’m just here to tell you what you need to know
Life is too short not to say “Hello” and greet each day
Before you go on your way.
It’s time to go; it’s time to get outside
To do your part on this joyful ride
So goodbye, my friend. Until I see you again …

May your fur be blowing when the wind is cold
Be excited and feel so bold
‘Cause living isn’t living if you hibernate
And look over the tailgate
Smile over the tailgate
Live your life on the tailgate