1. Enough

From the recording Real Woman

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Copyright © 1999 By Vicki Pompea

He was a nice young man. She was a sweet young thing
When she married him and took his ring.
It was a pleasant life, but she’s just the wife
And she feels it’s not enough

It’s not a 7-year itch. It’s not a mid-life thing
But she wants fireworks and bells to ring.
He drinks his beer and call her “Dear”
And she knows it’s not enough

‘Cause she wants to be adored
And she wants to feel the fire
She wants to dance real close and singe herself
On sweet love and desire

She gets real quiet, she gets real sad
Remembering joy they used to have
She thinks a lot about what she’s got and
What she’s got to lose

They got to movies. They watch TV
No fights, no angry words to flee
He does his tasks, whatever’s asked
But nothing on his own.

He doesn’t want to talk
He doesn’t want to dance
But he wants her there like an easy chair
For comfort not romance

She was a sweet young thing. He was a nice young man
But now it’s time to change the plan
She decides to leave, although she’ll grieve
So she can get enough.
Although she’ll grieve, it’s time to leave
She deserves to have enough.