From the recording Real Woman

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That Kind of Old
By Vicki Pompea Copyright © 2002

Listen children, Gather ‘round. I’ve got a secret to tell
I had another birthday. And so far I think it’s going rather well.
Some people as they get older, they get more angry and upset.
My Grandmother warned me about those people
That they would live and die with their regret

I don’t want to be that kind of old
Don’t wanna be dried up and cold
Don’t wanna moan that I’m waiting by the phone
Don’t wanna be that kind of old

I wanna keep trying new things
I wanna keep spreading my wings
I wanna die with a twinkle in my eye
I wanna be bold when I’m old

It’s true that it’s not easy. No sissies need apply.
My knees creak as I climb up the stairs, when I get there I can’t remember why.
So I just laugh and enjoy the view. No point in hanging my head
I drink a glass of wine, put on my purple dress and dance until the cows go to bed. ‘Cause …

When I graduate to a much younger skin. I want you to sing me to my sleep
I will miss you all my darlings. But know that our love will always keep.
My picture will be in the paper. It will show my day and age.
And when they’re writing about my life on that newspaper page.
I hope they say ..

She wasn’t that kind of old.
She didn’t get dried up and cold.
She didn’t moan. She didn’t wait by the phone
She wasn’t that kind of old

She was always trying new things
She tried to keep spreading her wings
And when she died, she was twinkle-eyed
She was the bold kind of old

She died, completely satisfied
She was that kind of old.