From the recording Real Woman

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The Coffee Song Copyright © 2002 by Vicki Pompea

It’s the gray of the evening and I’m heading home
My coat pulled tight against me to keep out the cold
I’m tired and I’m lonely and I’m missing you
Then I see a sign that makes my dreams come true.

I’m looking for happiness in the bottom of a coffee cup
I’m looking for happiness to warm me and to fill me up

You sit across the table and you make me smile
It’s wonderful to see you, it’s been quite a while
My friends were all saying “you’re no good for me,
You keep me up at night - you’re not my cup of tea.”

I taste you dark and strong. You tantalize my tongue
I could stay forever when the tasting’s done.
You’re exotic, you’re erotic, you’re hot.
I think that I could give you another shot. Oh, oh, oh, oh.

It’s time to go but I know where you live
I know how to take you and how you can give
This time we’ll figure how to make it through
‘Cause when it come to love, we make a lovely brew.

To warm me and to fill me up. Oh, oh.
To warm me and to fill me up. Yea, yea
To warm me and to fill me up