1. You Go Girl

From the recording Real Woman

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You Go Girl - Copyright © 2001 By Vicki Pompea

Paris beckons. Her audience awaits
It looks like college won’t be her choice
Bright lights take her away. Goodbye to Mom and Dad
Hello to Berlin. Her future begins.

You go, girl. It’s time. Go with grace and smile
You’re doing what you need to do. It’s where you blessings lie
You go, girl.

He was charming, but too young to be a dad
She and the children lived afraid
Without a job, too much to drink, he loses what he had
She takes the family away. They need to be safe

We make our choices - sometimes, we think we’re alone
But there are always spirits - helping spirits who cheer us along

It was cancer. Mets to the bone
They said she wouldn’t last for very long
Then she saw her mom and dad who passed on long ago
The white path is near. She has no fear

She hears “You go, girl” They cheer “You go, girl”