1. Take a Breath

From the recording Real Woman

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Take a Breath - Copyright © August 2001 By Vicki Pompea

There’s fear in my belly.
I almost can’t stand up straight.
The weight on my shoulders almost/nearly suffocates.
I try to stretch -- to reach the sky.
But dark clouds surround me -- I don’t dare ask why.

So I take a breath. It’s gonna be all right (2x)

I reach down to pet the cat.
I find a little comfort in the softness of that
Suffering is optional, even though there‘s pain
I guess that‘s enough for hope until I’m find peace again.

Drinking a cup of coffee, I feel a little stronger.
Breathing in this moment, it lasts a little longer.
Everything will be fine, maybe it’s fine right now.
I know, I have to know it will turn out fine somehow.

It’s all right.