From the recording Real Woman

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Sisters of the Smiling Eyes by Vicki Pompea
Copyright © 2002

When I was a little girl, I’d read myself away
The pages I would turn to were places I could stay
My very favorite hero was a woman of the west
She faced each day with wit and warmth as she went upon each quest

And she rode on a snow white stallion
And she rode through golden plains
Seeing adventure, seeing her fortune, finding that she could survive -
Survive with smiling eyes

My husband kissed me on the cheek He said “Honey, where’ve you been?
I saw you staring at the wall, you didn’t notice I walked in.”
I grinned at him and I pointed to the dishes and the bills
I said “I’m fine, but I’m going back. My mind’s heading for the hills.”

And I rode …

The waitress walked like her feet were sore, but she wore my hero’s face
We shared a look and I recognized that cheerful state of grace
She took her break just as I left and we rendezvous’d outside
We were sisters of the heart, we were cowgirls on a ride.

And we rode ..