From the recording Real Woman

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Just A Little Romance - Coyright © 2002 by Vicki Pompea

You’ve been on Jeopardy. You’re not dumb.
But the answer’s not a fact or a rule of thumb.
So give it a try, I know you can win. No question that you’re clever
You could be the champion of an amorous endeavor

It’s not so hard. Just a little romance.
A red rose. A slow dance.
Take my hand - break the ice
Kiss my lips - let’s go to paradise
A little romance, boy genius
Just a little romance, just between us.
Oo, just a little romance.

You spend your days so analytical
But that doesn’t help when it’s time to get physical
Checkmate chess and crossword clues - your games are all in your mind
Play with me and you won’t lose, ‘cause passion is what you’ll find

You’re a nice guy but something is missing.
I like your mind, but I crave your kissing.
Love is not a trivial pursuit, you can bet your bottom dollar.
If I don’t get some sweet lovin’ soon, you can hit the road scholar.

Just a little romance (2x)