Same, But Different

I remember being on an airplane as a child and being thrilled. So excited to feel the plane move and the engines roar.  And another memory, being on a plane as an adult - terrified as the plane shook and the engines growled.  And I stayed terrified until I remembered my experience as a child.  Then I was excited again - enjoying the ride. Perspective makes a huge difference. 

We can tell ourselves all sorts of stories.  We can make them happy or sad. Positive or negative.  Now I'm off to another adventure. I'm scared and excited. Tired and fired up.  I'm going to be working on my songs. I'll make some better, write some new ones, and let some go.  I'll make new friends and see old ones. I'll be missing my family and renewing parts of myself. That's the magic of it all. 

We tell ourselves all sorts of stories.  Let's make them the best stories.  Let's make ourselves, our best selves.

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