Pet Peeves

OK. I don't usually make a list of these. But ran into a few the other day after the library said I lost a book (which I *know* I returned). Well, anyway, I bought a new, hardcover version of the book, brought it to the library and (you guessed it) I was told that they would not accept it. So I was charged $20 for the book I lost, $15 for processing (I assume for making a new book, library ready - I've got no problem with that) AND I'm stuck with this book that I didn't really like in the first place. Pet Peeve 1.1 I've have several items that I've returned to the library through the 1st National Bank drop off be reported as lost. What is up? The librarian said that they've had quite a few problems with that. Sigh. Pet Peeve 2.0 Post Office. First, kudos for the "Forever Stamp". But I have so much money wasted in previous 1st class stamps, I'd have to have tons of 1, 2, 3, 4, ... cent stamps to use them up. Used to be, stamps were valued like money. You could take them back to the post office and trade them in for an equal value of current priced stamps. Therefore, no supplemental postage. But no more. Sigh. And I'm starting to feel like a geezer for talking about "the good old days" Another sigh. Pet Peeve 3.0 When an airline charges to change the name on a ticket. We've all got e-tickets now. The airlines don't even have to print a new ticket. It takes them 30 seconds to change a name. Stupid to charge for that. (and in all likely hood, the ticket was booked online, so they didn't have to type any of the initial information. Grrr. Pet Peeve 3.1 Geezer Alert! I remember my Mom visiting her family and she would call the airlines at any point to change her return flight. No fees. No hassle. Pet Peeve 3.2 A quick summary of supplemental airline fees: * Segment Fee * PFC (?) * 911 Security * Convenience Fee * Prepaid Baggage Fee (don't ask) Pet Peeve 3.3 And why do we need names on our airline tickets? I end up feeling like Ilsa in Casablanca with an exit visa. Here's looking at you, kid.

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