Happy Summer

Today I visited a farm with my kids and their pre-school. Yesterday it was downtown, Walrus Ice Cream, Oak street plaza water features. So many fun things to do in the summer. I'm in the process of lining up gigs for the summer too. I just love playing outdoors. There are farmer's markets, festivals, fundraisers - so many opportunities. I was thinking back to when I first started performing (just over 9 years ago). I was so nervous that I couldn't even think about the process of performing. At that time I promised myself I'd play 100 gigs before I made any decisions. After 5 years, 100 gigs passed - I'm not sure how many I've done now. But I know more about what I can do and what music can bring to an event. One thing I love to do is play at farmer's markets. I call it "shopping and bopping" music. I like to play upbeat tunes that most people know. Then I get to see them singing along as they walk along. I also get to see them walk with an extra bounce in their step as they keep the beat. So if you are one of those I get to watch go by - thank you for your smile, your humming, your bopping along. It's a connection that I cherish as we share the enjoyment of music. I'll be posting more gigs soon. Enjoy the summer!

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