I've been having a ball playing out every other week or so.  But where I've really gotten jazzed is by a concept called "Fearless Songwriting."  Fearless Songwriting is an attempt to overcome internal resistance and that nasty inner critic that can stop any artist dead in her tracks.

So what is it? Simply this - write and record a song in a day; better yet, an hour.  Some of them are pitifully bad; but some are surprisingly good.  The hardest thing I did was commit to write a song a day for a week.  Some days I was up until 3am - but there was a song!

Leonard Cohen takes about a year to write a song - how can anything written in a day be any good?  I don't know.  But I know this process helps me tap into the Great Creative Energy (for lack of a better name).  Songs just come out and I have no idea where they came from. But they come. And that's the most inspiring part.

So next time you hear me play, there will be songs you've never heard before.  Some will be better than others, but many will be "Fearless"

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