Did I Miss Something?

OK, looking at the dates - can't believe I haven't posted in so long. I'm hoping that maybe something got lost - but I think it was only my mind. So here's a "Holiday Newsletter" to catch you up on 2009 and the beginning of 2010. 1. Gigs. I played around Fort Collins - no trips this year. Only 16 paid gigs this year - scaling back a little. But I got to spend the spring making music weekly with a great Montessori pre-school. 2. CDs. Nothing new, except ... I finally re-manufactured my "Twinkle" CD (the one for kids). I had sold out and had the dickens of a time getting the artwork and files all together in the right formats. Finally got the copies - so if you've got a little one and *don't* have "Twinkle, Twinkle, Mama's G'Tar" - you can get one now! 3. Song School. My 2nd year back to Song School in Lyons. I think it has been the fuel I was running on the rest of the year. I recommend it for all musicians. And for all music lovers, I recommend Folks Fest - the festival in August, right after Song School. So many of our teachers turn back into the magnificent performers that is their alter-identity. 4. Sabbatical. Sometimes it's important to do nothing, let the ground lie fallow and let the Universe nurture the soil and plant some seeds. Right now, I'm a bit nervous about not performing. But I know my songs, performances and my time with you will be enhanced by letting my music self take a breath. I am missing you, my friend-fans, but I am keeping you in my heart. I will see you again and I'll have more music to share. Blessings Be and {Hugs}!

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