8 Track Mind

You remember 8 track tapes (don't you?) - All 8 tracks on one piece of tape and you could click between them. Well, I've been equiped with an 8-track mind. On one hand, it's great to be able to keep track of lots of things. But the drawback is that focusing on one thing for a while is SO hard. While I'm working on a new song I find myself also try to practice old stuff, do scales, find new covers, etc. Now what I really need to do is take the time to change my strings . Sometimes I think my mind is like when the 3 Stooges all try to fit through the same doorway at the same time and all get stuck. Nyuck, nyuck. I'm currently listening to Btruce Springsteen - The Seeger Sessions - wonderful, magical album. I can feel every cell in my body relax with a happy sigh as I listen. I just saw the movie Stranger Than Fiction" w/ Will Farrell and Emma Thompson. Remined me of "Being John Malcovich" - but more fun and romantic.

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