In the corporate world - there's no recognition of the cycles of the year - deadlines are deadlines. Since having my own businesses (music and massage) and a new role in life (Mom) I am constantly reminded of the phases of days, months and years. This time of year is meant to be a time of introspection. Of gathering and appreciation. Of pulling those you love closer and spending joyful, quiet time with them. And yet ... sometimes I feel hopeless. Like the spring will never come. Like ideas and motivation will never come. With the question of "Is this all there is?" And every year - at some point, the sap begins to quicken and I wonder why I doubted. I'm hunkering down for the winter. I *know* that things will change (they always do). But perhaps the sadness and questioning is part of the winter process too. Sadly. Sweetly. Safely. Solitude. Solstice. Peace to all.

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