Life is a Buffet - choose!

I find it interesting how much time I've spent on deciding what I don't want instead of what I do want. You don't go to a restaurant and tell the server what you don't want; you order what you do want. Paying attention to something - even to say "no" to it - invites it into your world. Law of Attraction is very clear on this. But what if I don't know what I want? I've heard that general posative is better that specific negative - and that sounds ok to me. I've got a partial song called "Which Dragon Are You Going to Feed?" Feeding the dragon of Joy and all the other good things that I want will bring it. Latest other media: Movie: Ratatoullie - good, but not great ("Cars" is great). Books: Janet Evanovich - 13. Good plot (one of her best), but *spoilers* still no resolution w/ Ranger vs Morellie. TV: trying to catch up on the 16 episodes of "House" on the Tivo. I love this show. Music: Guy Clark - Keepers, Train, Cheryl Wheeler - Sylvia Hotel. Latest Hangout - Half Mooon Coffee & Reader's Cove (on Harmony next to Ace Hardware). Our very own independant bookstore.

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