Farmer's Markets

I love playing at Farmer's Markets. Performance is a like a conversation between me and the audience.  At a Farmer's Market, we get to communicate, sweetly and clearly.  When a group of children are nearby, I'll play "Twinkle" or "Puff"; when there are dogs, I'll play my song "Looking Over the Tailgate"; if I see someone with coffee, then it's "The Coffee Song". 

Another way the conversation goes is when I see people singing along, nodding their head, or tapping their feet to the beat. That tells me the kinds of songs that they are enjoying and I can add more of those to my set list. I call the music I play at a Farmer's Market "Shopping and Bopping" music. I *love* to see folks "bopping" along. I catch their eye and smile or nod; and I know that we've connected.

And that leaves two obvious ways the communication goes 1) tips and CD sales (pretty self-explanatory and BTW thank you!) and 2) Talking. I actually get to talk to folks in between songs.  Thanks to all who wait for a chance and then tell me about your favorite songs, or introduce me to your dog or kids, or ask about my instrument, or just say "Hi."  Nothing separates us - no stage, no lights.  We get to share the music together. And that's why I love to play at Farmer's Markets.

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