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Vicki Pompea: Listen to Music

A Child's Eyes

(Vicki Pompea)
December 25, 2010
Vicki Pompea

A Christmas song as a gift for you. I hope you enjoy it. This is a rough recording done on my little handheld Tascam DR-07 (a very cute and useful tool).

A Child's Eyes - (c) 2010 Vicki Pompea

A 7 year old feels the Christmas dawning
at 4 am she waits for the light
She plugs in the tree to a blurry yawning
To savor the silent, sacred night

A child's eyes at Christmas see the glory and the hope
A child's eyes at Christmas see the grand kaleidoscope

Listening hard for Spirits creeping
Replacing the fear of Daddy's bark
She should have been a long time sleeping
But anticipation's too loud in the dark

Every year there's a magic moon glow
That wishes for more of this day of love
It jangles within her like a stained glass window
As it shatters and crashes from heaven above