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Vicki Pompea: Links

KRFC 88.9 - non-profit public radio station that serves the Northern Colorado region.

Live @ Lunch is my favorite show with live music each weekday from 12-1. I've been a guest and a volunteer. KRFC is a great station and deserves great support, so send them some money, ok?

Reid Shay Photography, Sawatch Publications

Reid's nature prints will transport you around the world. His photos show unique and engaging views of many jewels including Colorado mountains, Hawaiian waterfalls, and Spanish architecture.

Steve Eulberg
A world-class musician (guitar, mountain dulcimer, hammer dulcimer), songwriter, and all around great guy!
Western Steam Photography
Scott Turner's photos of steam locomotives are beautiful and awe inspiring.
Seldom Fed Productions
Chris Kennison - so multi-talented I don't know what to say. Owner/operator of "Seldom Fed Production" recording studio. Member of the "Rounder" (country swing) and "Book 'me Danno" (Hawaiian swing) bands. Builder/creator of "Berkely" steel guitars.
Rosanne Winn
With a vocal style that exhibits a blend of pop, folk, and jazz influences, Rosann Winn creates and performs uplifting acoustic music to inspire the soul.
Jennifer Freidman
Jennifer writes and performs a unique blend of original acoustic folk music designed to inspire and uplift. Jen’s strong voice rises from deep within to deliver a graceful melody and moving performance.
Custom Graphic Design by Shawn Walter
If you do any digital scrapbooking (or want to), visit Shawn's site at the Digitals store. She's got amazing style for templates, quick pages and much more.
Perfectly Natural Photography
Barb Lattin took publicity photos for me as well as family photos. She is amazing.
Rockin' Moms
It's hard to be a Mom and a musician. This is a great site for and about woman who do both. I've been featured on their podcasts twice.
Empathic Parenting
Lisa Stroyan provides parenting information and services that treat both children and parents respectfully, compassionately, and thoughtfully.
Avogadro's Number
One of the best music venues with great food and drink. Also 6.02 x 10^23 molecules per mole (but that's not important now)
Vickie Shaw
Vickie Shaw is a seasoned comedian hilariously addressing the triumphs and trials of being a woman, a mother and gay in America. Once she opens her mouth, you’ll know she was born and raised in Texas and you’ll never stop laughing.